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Frank Ticheli

21 jan 1958 (Monroe) -
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Worklist for Frank Ticheli

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name cmt key instr year time genre
47 works
A Shaker Gift Song  brb2004  
Abracadabra     5:00 
Acadiana  orc   
Amazing Grace  brb1994 4:00 
Amen!  brb  2:30 
An American Dream  sop,orc1998 38:00 
An American Elegy  brb2000 11:00 
Angels in the Architecture     14:30Song
Ave Maria  brb2004 4:00 
Blue Shades  brb1997 11:00 
Cajun Folk Songs I "La Belle et le Capitaine"  brb1990 7:00 
Cajun Folk Songs II "Belle"  brb1997 11:00 
Concertino for Trombone and Band  brb1987 13:00 
Concertino for Trombone and Winds  trb  Concertino
Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra  cla,orc  22:00Clarinet concerto
Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble  orc  Concerto
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra  tru,orc1990 16:00 
ConstellationThree Poems of Sarah Teasdale    9:30Poem
Dancing on Water  orc   
Earth song     Song
Fortress  brb1989 5:00 
Gaian Visions  brb1994 10:00 
Images of a Storm  orc1983 10:00 
Joy  brb  2:30 
Joy revisited  brb  3:30 
Loch Lomond  brb2002 6:00 
Music for Winds & Percussion  brb1988 16:00 
Nitro     3:00 
On Time's Stream  orc1995 17:00 
Pacific Fanfare  brb2003 6:00 
Playing With Fire  brb,orc1992 25:00 
Portrait of a Clown  brb1988 3:00 
Postcard  brb1994 5:00 
Radiant Voices  orc1995 20:00 
Rest     8:30 
San Antonio Dances     10:00Dances
Sanctuary     12:00 
Shenandoah  brb1999  
Shooting Stars  orc2004 5:00 
Simple Gifts: Four Shaker Songs  brb2002 10:00 
Sun Dance  brb1997 5:00 
Symphony No. 1   2001 30:00Symphony
Symphony No. 2  brb2004 20:30 
The Song Within  cho2004 9:00 
The Tyger     5:30Song
There Will Be Rest  cho2000 6:00Choir
Vesuvius  bra1999 9:00 
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