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Sergei Vasilenko

30 mar 1872 (Moscow) - 11 mar 1956 (Moscow)
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Worklist for Sergei Vasilenko

Sergei Nikiforovich Vasilenko.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
66 works
1Three Bloody Slaughtersafter Tolstoy orc   
26 Songs op. 2     Song
3String Quartet No. 1 in A major A+ 1901 String quartet
4Epic Poems (Epicheskaya poems)   1903 Symphonic poem
5Legend of Kitezh and Lake SvetoyarLegend of the Great City of Kitezh and The Quiet Lake Svetoyar.  1908 Opera
62 Poems for bass and orchestra   1908 Poem
10Symphony No. 1   1906 Symphony
113 Songs after Brhussov and Blok   1904 Song
12The Garden of DeathFor orchestra. After Oscar Wilde.  1908 Symphonic poem
14Sappho   1909 Orchestral suite
15Flight of the Witches  orc1909  
16Invocation (5 songs)five songs after Shulkov, Brhussov, Balmont and Lokhvitskaya.  1909 Song
17In the Rays of the Sun (orchestral)  orc1911  
18Fantastic Waltzes for small orchestra  orc1912  
22Symphony No. 2 in F major F+ 1913 Symphony
24Suite for orchestra after old lute musicSuite for orchestra after lute music from the 14th - 16th century.  1914 Orchestral suite
25Concerto for violin and orchestra in D minor D- 1913 Concerto
26Maoriskii SongsAfter Balmont.  1913 Song
27Zodiacsuite on French themes of the 18th century.  1914 Suite
29Exotic SuiteFor soprano or tenor and orchestra.  1916 Suite
40Song Cycle of five songs op. 40     Song
41Josif, the Beautiful SuiteSuite from the music of the ballet "Josif, the Beautiful".  1922 Suite
42Noya   1923 Ballet-pantomime
42BIndian Suite after the ballet "Noya"   1927 Suite
46Sonata for viola and piano op. 46   1923 Sonata
50Josif, the Beautiful   1925 Ballet
51In the rays of the sun (ballet)Not published  1926 Ballet
52Lola   1926 Ballet
58String Quartet No. 2 in E minor E-   String quartet
60Chinese Suite No. 1  orc1928  
62Son of the Sun   1929 Opera
63Concerto for balalaika and orchestra   1930 Concerto
64March of the Red Army  wor1929 March
65Quartet on Turkmenian themesFor flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and percussion. cha1930  
66AJapanese Suite op. 66AFor oboe, clarinet, bassoon, xylophon and piano.  1938 Suite
68Turkmenian Suite   1931 Suite
70Chinese Suite No. 2   1931 Suite
71Fantasy on Western Revolutionary Songs  wor1931 Fantasy
73CarousselEight Soviet dances for orchestra.  1932 Dances
74Piano Trio in A major   1932 Piano trio
75The Soviet East   1932 Orchestral suite
77Red Army Rhapsody  orc1932  
78Chinese Sketches for wind instruments  win1938  
79Quartet on American themes  win1938  
80Christopher ColumbusNot published  1933 Opera
81Symphony No. 3 "The Italian" in A major A+ 1934 Symphony
82Symphony No. 4 "The Arctic" in D minor D-   Symphony
90The GypsiesNot published.  1936 Ballet
9220th Anniversary of the October Revolution   1937 Cantata
98The Snowstorm   1938 Opera
101The Grand CanalNot published. Revised under the title "The Valley of Fortune".  1939 Opera
102SuvorovNot published  1941 Opera
103AkbilyakNot published  1942 Ballet
104Uzbekian Suite for orchestra   1943 Orchestral suite
112Concerto for cello and orchestra   1945 Concerto
121Ukraina   1945 Orchestral suite
123Symphony No. 5 in A minor   1947 Symphony
126Concerto for harp and orchestra   1949 Concerto
128Concerto for piano and orchestra   1949 Concerto
135Concerto for clarinet and orchestra   1953 Concerto
136Concerto for horn and orchestra   1953 Concerto
138In SpringSuite for flute and small orchestra.  1954 Suite
 Mirandolina   1946 Opera
 Suite for accordion and balalaikaSuite for accordion and balalaika after Russian folk themes.    Suite
 Suite for balalaika and folkorchestra     Suite
 The TricornAfter De Falla, Albeniz and Spanish Folk Songs. Not published.  1935 Ballet
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