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Carl Maria von Weber

18 nov 1786 (Eutin) - 5 jun 1826 (london)
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Worklist for Carl Maria von Weber

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Opus J
name cmt key instr year time genre
76 works
2 76 Variations for Piano on an original theme  pno  Variations
7 537 Variations for Piano on Bianchi's "Vien qua Dorina bella"  pno  Variations
9 557 Variations for Piano on an original theme  pno  Variations
10 99-1046 Sonates progressives for Violin and Piano  vln,pno  Sonata
11 Piano Concerto no. 1 in C major     Piano concerto
12 56Momento capriccioso for Piano in B flat major  pno  Capriccio
13 5 Songs     Song cycle
19 50Symphony no 1 in C major  orc  25:30Symphony
20 64Grand Potpourri for Cello and Orchestra D+cel,orc  Potpourri
21 59Grande polonaise     Dances
24 138Piano Sonata No.1 in C  pno  Piano Sonata
25 1405 Deutsche Lieder     Song cycle
26 Concertino for clarinet and orchestra  cla,orc  8:30Concertino
27 122Ruler of the Spirits Overture     Overture
28 1417 Variations on a theme from Mehul's "Joseph"  pno  Variations
32 Piano Concerto no. 2 in E flat major     Piano concerto
33 1287 Variations for Cla and Pno from "Silvana"  cla,pno  Variations
34 Clarinet Quintet in Bb  cla  22:30 
35 Andante and Hungarian rondoFor bassoon and orchestra. orc  Andante
39 199Piano Sonata no. 2 in A flat major  pno  Piano Sonata
40 179Air Russe "Schöne Minka"      
46 200-203Die Temperamente beim Verluste der Geliebten      
48 204Grand Duo Concertant     17:30Duet
49 206Piano Sonata no. 3 in D minor  pno  24:30Piano Sonata
59 245Jubel Overture     Overture
60 8 Pièces for piano 4 hands  pno   
62 252Rondo Brilliant in E flat major "La gaité" Eb+   6:00Rondo
63 Trio for flute, violoncello and piano  flu,cel,pno  19:00 
65 Invitation to the DanceAufforderung zum tanz.Dbpno  9:30 
70 287Piano Sonata no. 4 in E minor      
72 268Polacca brillante for Piano "L'hilarité"  pno   
73 114Clarinet Concerto No.1 F-cla,orc  20:30Concerto
74 118Clarinet Concerto No.2 Eb+org  22:30 
75 127Bassoon concerto F+   16:00Concerto
77 277Der Freischütz     Opera
78 Preziosa     Opera
79 282Konzertstück in F MinorKonzertstueck. Konzertstuck.F- 1821 16:00Concerto
81 291Euryanthe     Opera
  143-1486 Favorite Waltzes of Empress Marie Louise      
  496 Variations for Viola in C major on "A Schüsserl und a Reind'rl" C+vla  Variations
  619 Variations for Vln and Pno on a Norwegian A  vln,pno  Variations
  115Adagio and Rondo for Harmonium in F major  hrm  Rondo
  79Andante and Rondo Ungarese C-vla,orc  2:30Andante
  106Abu Hassan     Opera
  Die drei Pintos   1824 Opera
  74Der kleine Fritz an seine jungen Freunde      
  217Das Veilchen im Thale      
  57Er an Sie      
  161Es stürmt auf der Flur      
  65Horch'! Leise horch', Geliebte! "Serenade"     Song
  258Herzchen, mein Schätzchen     Song
  48Ich denke dein     Song
  63Klage     Song
  257Liebesgruss aus der Ferne     Song
  62Meine Farben     Song
  119Melodie for Clarinet in F major  cla   
  160Minnelied     Song
  73Meine Lieder, meine Sänge     Song
  234Mein Schatzerl is hübsch     Song
  224Missa Sancta no 1 in E flat major "Freischützmesse"     Mass
  251Missa Sancta no 2 in G major, "Jubelmesse"     Mass
  196Mein Verlangen     Song
  181Non paventar mia vita     Song
  306OberonThe Elf King's Oath, a romantic and fairy opera in 3 acts.  1826 2:00:00Opera
  279Preciosa (Overture)     Overture
  8Peter SchmollPeter Schmoll und seine Nachbarn    Opera
  76Quartet for Piano and Strings in B flat major  pno,str  Piano quartet
  Romanza appassionatoRomanza appassionato für Euphonion oder Fagott und Orchester. orc   
  71Romanze "Die Ruinen"     Song
  47Romanza Siciliana for Flute and Orchestra G-flu,orc  Romance
  87Silvana     Opera
  51Symphony no 2 in C major  orc  19:30Symphony
  295-304Scottish National Songs     Song cycle
  75Turandot  orc   
  233Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär     Song
  68Was zieht du deinem Zauberkreise     Song
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