Healey Willan

12 oct 1880 (London) - 16 feb 1968 (Toronto)
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Worklist for Healey Willan

HWC is sometimes written as B

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name cmt key instr year time genre
56 works
83Elégie héroïque     Elegy
219Missa Brevis No 4 Corde Natus Ex Parentis     Mass
220Missa Brevis No 5 in f sharp minor F#-   Mass
222Missa Brevis No 7 O Westron Wynde G-   Mass
223Missa Brevis No 8 SS Philippi et Jacobi D-   Mass
226Missa Brevis No 11 Sancti Johannis Baptistae     Mass
301Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in A major A+   Magnificat
302The Dead (How they so softly rest)     Hymn
303Hail Gladdening LightSix Motets no. 1  1924 Hymn
304O how gloriousSix Motets no. 2  1924 Hymn
305Very Bread, Good Shepherd, Tend UsSix Motets no. 3    Hymn
309O Trinity Most Blessed     Hymn
310Preserve us, o Lord     Hymn
311O King, all glorious     Hymn
312I beheld her beautiful as a doveFrom: Motets in the honour of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary    2:00Hymn
313Fair in FaceFrom: Motets in the honour of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary    Hymn
314Rise Up, My Love, my fair oneFrom: Motets in the honour of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary    2:00Choir
316Lo, in the time Appointed     Hymn
317O King, to whom all things do live     Hymn
318Behold the Tabernacle of God     Hymn
319Hodie, Christus natus est     Hymn
320Who is She that Ascendeth?     Hymn
321O Saving Victim     Hymn
322Look Down, O Lord     Hymn
328Ave Verum Corpus     Hymn
331I will lay me down in peace     Hymn
344I looked, and behold a white cloud     Song
352Christ hath a garden     Hymn
377O Praise the Lord     Hymn
380In the heavenly kingdom     Hymn
392Sing to the Lord of Harvest     Hymn
394O Quanta Qualia     Hymn
403Ye watchers and ye holy ones     Hymn
428Here are We in Bethlehem     Hymn
438Sun of righteousness     Hymn
444St. Basil     Hymn
449St. Osmund     Hymn
450Stella Orientis     Hymn
584An Apostrophe to the Heavenly Hosts     Hymn
593Gloria Deo Per Imensa Saecula     Hymn
596Tenebrae of Maundy Thursday     Hymn
603The Great O Antiphons     Hymn
637A Clear Midnight     Hymn
 5 Preludes on Plainchant Melodies  org  Prelude
 A Fugal Trilogy      
 Grant Us Thy Light     Hymn
 I love thy kingdom, Lord     Hymn
 In youth is pleasure     Song
 Missa Sancta Maria de Magdalena     Mass
 O Lord, Our Governor     Hymn
 Prelude and Fugue for Organ in C minor  org  11:00Preludes and fugues
 Prelude for Organ on "Aberystwyth"  org  Prelude
 Prelude for Organ on "Gelobt sei Gott"  org  Prelude
 The Three Kings     Song
 Welcome Yule      
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