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Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin

18 aug 1978 (Moscow) -
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Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin
Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin performing in Moscow, 2005
Background information
Birth name Lev Aleksandrovich Zhurbin (Лев Александрович Журбин)
Also known as Ljova
Born (1978-08-18) August 18, 1978 (age 35)
Origin Moscow, Russia
Genres Classical, folk, chamber jazz, Film Music, Gypsy, World
Occupations Musician, arranger, film composer, producer
Instruments Viola, famiola, fadolin
Years active 1990–present
Labels Kapustnik, Sony Classical
Deutsche Grammophon, Nonesuch Records, Fat Cat
Associated acts Ljova and the Kontraband, Romashka, Yo-Yo Ma, Kronos Quartet, Osvaldo Golijov, Jay-Z, Bond, Nina Nastasia, Dawn Upshaw, Alondra de la Parra, Brooklyn Rider, Kayhan Kalhor, Guy Sigsworth, Mary Wilson, Alan Pierson, Brooklyn Philharmonic

Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin (born August 18, 1978 in Moscow, Russia) is a composer, violist, and arranger. Ljova is the author of over 70 original compositions for classical, jazz, and folk music ensembles. He has also contributed musical scores to numerous short and feature films. Among recent projects is a string quartet for Brooklyn Rider, arrangements for Gustavo Santaolalla, and collaborations with choreographer Aszure Barton.

Ljova immigrated to the United States and has lived on the Upper West Side of New York City since 1990. He is the son of one of Russia's foremost composers, Alexander Zhurbin, and the poet/lyricist/writer Irena Ginzburg.

Ljova's arrangements and performances on the viola were featured on Sony Classical recording with Yo-Yo Ma, "Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon," and with Dawn Upshaw and the Andalucian Dogs on the Deutsche Grammophon recording "Ayre", featuring the music of Luciano Berio and Osvaldo Golijov. Both recordings were nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2005. His arrangements of music by Kayhan Kalhor can be heard on the "Silent City" album, by Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider. Ljova's composition, "Middle Village", was licensed for Francis Ford Coppola's film, "Youth Without Youth", in a special version with Kálmán Balogh on cymbalom.

As an arranger, Ljova has frequently collaborated Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project Ensemble and the Kronos Quartet, Brooklyn Rider, Gustavo Santaolalla and Bajofondo, Alondra de la Parra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas, Brooklyn Philharmonic and Alan Pierson the chamber orchestra The Knights and many others.

Ljova released his debut solo CD, Vjola: World on Four Strings, in July 2006. The debut album of his ensemble, Ljova and the Kontraband, featuring Frank London, William Schimmel and other special guests, was released on September 28, 2008 on Kapustnik Records. His third album, "Lost in Kino", focuses on his film music, featuring cues from films by Francis Ford Coppola, James Marsh, Robin Hessman, Josef Astor, Lev Polyakov, Roman Khrushch, Sean Gannet and Basia Winograd.

Ljova is married to Inna Barmash, an attorney and musician. They have two sons, Benjamin (born 2009) and Yosif (born 2011).


as leader (composer / performer / arranger):

as composer:

  • 2013 - Brooklyn Rider: "A Walking Fire" (Mercury Classics) - includes "Culai" and "Budget Bulgar"
  • 2012 - Spark: "Folk Tunes" (Deutsche Grammophon) - includes "Budget Bulgar" and "Old Lautar"
  • 2011 - Tim Fain and Pei-Yao Wang: "River of Light" (Naxos) - includes "Sicilienne"
  • 2011 - Julia Kogan: "Troika" (Rideau Rouge Records) - includes "The Rain has Flown"
  • 2011 - Keve Wilson: "Pure Imagination" (Composers Concordance Recordings / Naxos) - includes "Plume"
  • 2010 - Spark: "Downtown Illusions" (ARS Produktion) - includes "Tango Heavy"
  • 2009 - The Knights & Jan Vogler: "Experience: Live from New York" (Sony Classical) - includes "Garmoshka"
  • 2008 - Brooklyn Rider: "Passport" (In a Circle Records) - includes "Plume" and "Crosstown"
  • 2003 - Soheil Nasseri: "Soheil Nasseri plays Yedidia, Zhurbin & Zyman" (21st Century Classical) - includes "Sicilienne"

as arranger:

as violist:

  • 2014 – Guy Barash: “Facts about Water” (Innova)
  • 2013 – Inna Barmash: “Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs” (Independent)
  • 2013 – Jean Rohe: “Jean Rohe & The End of the World Show” (Laundry Line Records)
  • 2013 - Emika: "Dva" (Ninja Tune)
  • 2013 - Magda Giannikou / Banda Magda "amour t'es là?" (Edizioni Musicali Magdalini)
  • 2013 - Fall on Your Sword: "We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks" (Backlot Records / Universal)
  • 2012 - Fernando Otero: "Romance" (Soundbrush Records)
  • 2012 - Ryan Rumery: "Beyond the Horizon" (Independent)
  • 2012 - Fall on Your Sword: "Nobody Walks" (Lakeshore Records)
  • 2012 - Ryan Rumery: "Ivanov" (Independent)
  • 2012 - Sofia Ribeiro: "Ar" (independent)
  • 2011 - Marta Topferova: "The Other Shore" (World Village)
  • 2011 - Petros Klampanis: "Contextual" (Inner Circle Music)
  • 2011 - Fall on Your Sword: "Another Earth" (Lakeshore Records)
  • 2010 - Nina Nastasia: "Outlaster" (Fatcat)
  • 2010 - The Knights: "New Worlds" (Sony Classical)
  • 2010 - Amy Correia: "You Go Your Way" (Junketboy)
  • 2009 - The Knights and Jan Vogler: "Experience: Live from New York" (Sony Classical)
  • 2009 - Ronen Landa: "Picturebooks" (Love the Duck)
  • 2007 - La Mar Enfortuna - "Conviviencia" (Tzadik)
  • 2006 - Marta Topferova: "Flor Nocturna" (World Village)
  • 2006 - Assif Tsahar & KJLA Quartet: "Solitude" (Hopscotch Records)
  • 2005 - Golijov / Berio: "Ayre" (Deutsche Grammophon)
  • 2005 - Angus Martin: "Presqu'ile" (Soluna)
  • 2005 - Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Road Ensemble: "Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon" (Sony Classical)
  • 2003 - Heavenly Lullabies "Heavenly Lullabies" (independent)
  • 2002 - Assif Tsahar: "Fragments" (Hopscotch Records)
  • 2001 - Orchestra of S.E.M. Ensemble / Petr Kotik: "Morton Feldman: The Turfan Fragments" (Dog w/a Bone)
  • 2001 - George Davidson: "Allure" (GDP)
  • 2001 - George Davidson: "With Love" (GDP)
  • 2001 - George Davidson / Eugenio Leon: "Twin Strings II" (GDP)


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