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Leroy Anderson

29 jun 1908 (Cambridge) - 18 may 1975 (Woodbury)
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Worklist for Leroy Anderson

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name cmt key instr year time genre
43 works
A christmas festival  brb1950 6:00 
A Trumpeter's Lullaby  orc1949 3:00 
Arietta  orc1962 2:45 
Balladette  orc1962 2:45 
Belle of the Ball  orc1951 2:30 
Blue Tango  orc1951 2:45 
Bugler's Holiday  orc1954 2:30 
Chicken Reel  orc1946 2:30 
China Doll  orc1951 2:30 
Clarinet Candy  orc1962 2:45 
Classical Juke Box  orc1950 3:00 
Fiddle-Faddle  orc1947 3:15 
Forgotten Dreams  orc1954 2:15 
Goldilocks   1958 Musical
Home Stretch  orc1962 2:30 
Horse and Buggy  orc1951 3:15 
Jazz Legato  orc1938 1:30Jazz
Jazz Pizzicato  orc1938 1:45Jazz
Penny-Whistle Song  orc1951 2:45 
Piano Concerto in C major C+ 1953 17:00Piano concerto
Plink Plank Plunk  orc1951 2:15 
Promenade  orc1945 3:00 
Sandpaper Ballet  orc1954 3:15 
Saraband  orc1948 3:00 
Scottish Suite  orc1954 7:30 
Serenata  orc1947 4:00 
Sleigh Ride  orc1948 3:00 
Song of the Bells  orc1953 3:00Song
Suite of CarolsDifferent versions for strings, brass and woodwinds.  1955 11:30Strings
Summer Skies  orc1953 2:30 
Syncopated Clock  orc1945 2:15 
The First Day of Spring  orc1954 1:45 
The Girl I Left Behind Me  orc1949 3:00 
The Girl in Satin  orc1953 2:15 
The Irish Washerwoman  orc1947 2:30 
The Last Rose of Summer  orc1947 3:15 
The Minstrel Boy  orc1947 3:45 
The Phantom Regiment  orc1951 3:15 
The Rakes of Mallow  orc1947 3:00 
The Syncopated Clock  orc1945 2:15 
The Typewriter  orc1950 1:45 
The Waltzing Cat  orc1950 2:15 
The Wearing of the Green  orc1949 3:00 
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