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8 nov 1868 (Texarcana) - 1 apr 1917 (New York)

Books about Scott Joplin and his music

bookBarbara Mitchell and Hetty Mitchell Raggin': A Story About Scott Joplin (Creative Minds Books)
Carolrhoda Books, 1987; ISBN 0876143109; 64 pages Price indication: $ 22.60
bookEdward A. Berlin King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and His Era
Oxford University Press, 1995; ISBN 0195101081; 352 pages
In 1974, the academy award-winning film The Sting brought back the music of Scott Joplin, a black ragtime composer who died in 1917. Led by The Entertainer, one of the most popular pieces of the mid-1970s, a revival of his music resulted in events unprecedented in American musical history. Never before had any composer's music been so acclaimed by both the popular and classical music worlds. Written by Edward A. Berlin, a renowned authority on ragtime, this extraordinary book has been quickly accepted as the definitive work on Joplin's life and music. It reads almost like a detective story as Berlin leads us through a succession of clues, deductions, and discoveries, producing startling new information unsuspected by previous Joplin biographers. Painting a vivid picture of the ragtime years and placing Scott Joplin in his historical context, King of Ragtime brings to life the story of a post-Civil War African American who found in the world of music a way out of poverty and lowly social status. Price indication: $ 21.50
bookSteven Otfinoski and F Watts Scott Joplin: A Life in Ragtime (Impact Biographies)
Franklin Watts, 1995; ISBN 0531112446; 144 pages
The story of America's most famous composer of ragtime music. Price indication: $ 20.00
bookC. Ogbu Sabir Scott Joplin the King of Ragtime: The King of Ragtime (Journey to Freedom)
Child's World, 2000; ISBN 1567667465; 40 pages
Examines the life and accomplishments of the well-known ragtime pianist and composer, who wrote over 500 pieces of music, including a ballet and two operas. Price indication: $ 28.50
bookJohn Bankston The Life and Times of Scott Joplin (Masters of Music)
Mitchell Lane Publishers, 2004; ISBN 1584152702; 48 pages
As a member of the first generation of African Americans who were born just after the end of slavery, Scott Joplin faced a world of unique challenges. His musical family scraped out a living by sharecropping and cleaning houses—but Scott was exceptionally gifted, and his mother made sure he got piano lessons. Classically trained, he spent several years playing in churches and saloons. While for a time he wanted to compose classical music, he was drawn to ragtime, an early form of jazz that featured African folk tunes and syncopated rhythms. After his first composition, "Maple Leaf Rag," was published in 1899, Scott Joplin was able to keep ragtime popular for the next two decades. In fact, ragtime influences can be heard in later forms of music, such as jazz, blues, and even rock and roll. Scott Joplin, the Father of Ragtime, whose compositions cut across geography, race, and class, was truly a Master of Music. Price indication: $ 13.57
bookSusan Curtis Dancing To A Black Man's Tune: A Life Of Scott Joplin (Missouri Biography)
University of Missouri Press, 2004; ISBN 0826215475; 265 pages
By using Scott Joplin's life as a window onto American social and cultural development at the turn of the century, this biography dramatizes the role of one brilliant African American musician in defining the culture of a still-young nation. "Dancing to a Black Man's Tune renders Scott Joplin as a man and an artist whose musical genius served as his weapon in the struggle toward a whole America. Susan Curtis's book is more than biography, more than cultural history. It is a skillfully interwoven telling of Joplin's story within the mosaic of America's social and cultural evolution at the turn of the century."--John Hope Franklin "If one is to know American culture and the place and 'trials and tribulations' of African American music in setting the foundation and flavor of American music, Dancing to a Black Man's Tune is, to date, the primary source."--Journal of American History Price indication: $ 13.57
bookKitty Preston Scott Joplin (Black Americans of Achievement)
Chelsea House Publications, 1988; ISBN 0791002055 Price indication: $ 9.95
bookAngela Shelf Medearis and Scott Joplin and Michael Bryant Treemonisha
Henry Holt & Company, 1995; ISBN 0805017488; 37 pages
Children's book: Tremonisha retold. Price indication: (used only): from $ 2.95
bookPeter Gammond Scott Joplin and the Ragtime Era
St Martins Pr, 1977; ISBN 0312704909 Price indication: (used only): from $ 3.25
bookJames Haskins Scott Joplin
Doubleday, 1978; ISBN 038511155X; 248 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 1.01
bookMark Evans Scott Joplin and the Ragtime Years
Dodd Mead, 1976; ISBN 0396073085; 120 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 0.50
bookTimothy Frew Scott Joplin & the Age of Ragtime (Life, Times and Music Series)
Friedman/Fairfax Pub, 1996; ISBN 1567993052; 64 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 12.75

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