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Scott Joplin

8 nov 1868 (Texarcana) - 1 apr 1917 (New York)
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Worklist for Scott Joplin

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name cmt key instr year time genre
64 works
A breeze from Alabama  pno1902  
A picture of her face  pno1895  
A Real Slow Rag     4:00Rag
Antoinette  pno1906  
Augustan Club Waltz  pno1901  
Bethena  pno1905 4:02 
Binks' Waltz  pno1905 4:30 
Cascades  pno1904  
Cleopha  pno1902  
Combination march  pno1896 3:30 
Country Club  pno1909 3:00 
Elite syncopations  pno1902 4:00 
Eugenia  pno1906  
Euphonic sounds  pno1909  
Felicity rag  pno1911  
Fig leaf rag  pno1908 5:00 
Gladiolus rag  pno1907 3:30 
Harmony club Waltz  pno1896  
Heliothrone bouquet  pno1907  
I Am Thinking of My Pickanniny Days  pno1902  
Kismet rag  pno1913  
Leola  pno1905  
Lily Queen  pno1907 5:00 
Little black baby  pno1903  
Magnetic rag  pno1914  
Maple leaf rag  pno1899 2:30 
March Majestic  pno1902 March
Original Rags  pno1899 4:00 
Palm Leaf Rag  pno1903  
Paragon Rag  pno1909 3:45 
Peacherine Rag  pno1901 3:00 
Pine Apple Rag  pno1908 3:30 
Pleasant moments  pno1909 3:00 
Please Say You Will  pno1895  
Reflection Rag  pno1917 4:00 
Rose leaf rag  pno1907 4:00 
Sarah Dear  pno1905  
School of Ragtime  pno1908  
Scott Joplin's Best Rag     7:00Rag
Scott Joplin's New Rag     3:30Rag
Searchlight Rag  pno1907 4:00 
Silver Swan RagPosthumous published pno1971  
Solace  pno1909 6:00 
Something doing  pno1903 3:30 
Stoptime Rag     Rag
Sugar Cane  pno1908 3:30 
Sunflower Slow Drag  pno1901  
Swipsey  pno1900 3:00 
The (great) crush collision march  pno1896  
The chrysanthenum  pno1904  
The easy winners  pno1901  
The entertainer  pno1902 4:30 
The favorite  pno1904  
The Nonpareil  pno1907  
The Ragtime Dance 1902  pno1902 3:45 
The Ragtime Dance 1906  pno1906  
The Rose-bud March  pno1905  
The Silver Rag     3:00Rag
The Strenous life  pno1902 4:00 
The Sycamore  pno1904  
Treemonisha   1911 1:30:00Opera
Wall Street Rag  pno1909  
Weeping Willow  pno1903  
When Your Hair Is Like the Snow  pno1907  
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