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Classical composer links

Below are sites that collect information about composers. See also the separate page with links about new classical composers.

Dolmetsch online
A very extensive composer list with short biographies by the Dolmetsch family. To start go to the Alphabetic bar near the top of the page and select from there a submenu.

Classical Net
Composer biographies from Grove and many cd reviews.

Classical Composers Database
A very complete collection of links about 26000 composers.

Women Composers

Naxos Learning zone
Educational information on the site of this record label.

Early MusiChicago
Nearly 10,000 links on more tha 1200 composers of baroque, renaisance and medieval music.

Dr. Estrella's
Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers. Rather short information and a few links.
A directory of black composers.

The string quartet composers
A list of string quartet composers with the string quartets that they wrote.

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