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Classical music soundfile links

Below are sites that contain classical mp3s and other sound formats. These sites didn't fit the rather strict criteria for inclusion in the main part of Classic Cat. Yet they have a lot of music to listen.

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1. Favorite lists
2. Streaming music, resampled music and low res soundfiles
3. Podcasts
4. Historical records (1950s and before)
5. Music with little or no copy rights
6. Other

1. Favorite lists
Food for those preferring online streams.

A place where many organists upload their performances.

Spotify Classical playlists
This blog brings playlists for Spotify that for example list most works of Beethoven or the records of Deutsche Grammophon.

Youtube Classical Only channel
Hundreds of performers. Only streaming audio. You should register (for free) to hear more than 3 minute fragments.

8Tracks classical favorites
About a dozen classical works.

2. Streaming music and low res soundfiles

Hear the choirs sing
A bit like Classic Cat, but then for choirs only. Contains references for about 300 choirs. Songs are ordered by song name. Most songs are not classical.

Classical Connect
Hundreds of performers. Only streaming audio. You should register (for free) to hear more than 3 minute fragments.

Polina Osetinskaya
Several hours of real audio piano music by this Russian performer.

Cité de la Musique
This French concert hall offers many concert recordings (streaming audio) and videos.

Quartz Music
This music publisher offers 10 free mp3s if you subscribe to their newsletter.

La Corde Vocal
This is a national site of French choirs. It offers some 145 streaming audio tracks. You should first check the display order and click the button.

sirventes berlin
Profi-Vokalensemble sirventes berlin under the guidance of Stefan Schuck provides some 50-100 classical (church) songs and organmusic. Registration required. Additionally you will find streaming audio in the menu under Tonarchiv.

Haydn Youth String Orchestra
An ensemble from the North of the Netherlands. You can stream the all the cd's from the cd page. 19 complete cd's with symphonies and concertos from many composers. 128 kbps. With some trouble you can download the music too.

Gilad Karni
A violinist with a flash site on which you can find some mp3s.

Borletti-Buitoni Trust
This trust is committed to helping young concert artists. One of their tools is a yearly competition. They have quite a few streaming audio's from supported artists.

A small collection of popular mp3 files.

Hannah Shields
Some 30 flash musictracks from this American pianist. On some she is accompanied by violin, viola or a trio.

Robert Henry
A American pianist with a flash site and quite a few classical mp3s.

Monsegur Vaillant
The soprano and pianist Monsegur Vaillant has a large collection of songs. Clicking on a link below "title" will let you hear the song and show you the song text.

Dino Mastroyiannis
32kbps wma and rm files on this website of the Greek pianist Dino Mastroyiannis.

Stars of Bulgarian Opera and Additional Singers
A collection of 32kbps opera songs, sung by Bulgarian singers.

European Archive
842 old recordings in mp3, flac, ogg and other formats.

Ensemble Vocal Pythagore
An a capella choir from France singing Victoria, Guerrrero, Schütz, Tallis, Purcell and other. 80kbps.

Agnieszka Marucha
A polish violinist with 13 streaming audio tracks.

Magazzini Sonori
An Italian magazine site with a lot of streaming audio.

Piano World: member recordings
A section of the forum of Piano World where members can post links to their recordings.

Bulgarian National Radio opera recording
A must for the opera lover: many hours of opera music at 56kbps mp3s.
This website in the honour of violinist Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947) offers a collection of historical recordings (wma files at 20 kbps). You need to register first before you can access them.

The 5 Browns
In flash menu you can find some tracks of the latest cd of The 5 Browns: 2 brothers and 3 sisters who all play on the piano simultaneously.

Sebastian Diezig
A cello player from Switzerland with some streaming audio.

Bel Cantati
Katerina Souvorova in piano. Streaming audio.

Classical Music on the Russian web
A large collection of 48kbps mps mostly from Russian composers.

A collection of 32 kbps mp3s from this classical website.

AVRO luisterkamer
Some 600 recordings from concerts - usually around 5 minutes. Audio
Public domain songs. You have to take some time seeking as they have no special section for classical. They have famous singers of the past like Caruso, but these are old recordings with quite some background noise.

American Mavericks
Ram files from new American composers, including Copland, Gershwin and Ellington.

Bach Cantatas Website
A comprehensive site covering all aspects of J.S. Bach's cantatas and his other vocal works. Contains discussions and detailed discographies of each cantata and other vocal works, performers and general topics. The site is an international collective project, being compiled from various postings about the subject, most of which have been sent to the Bach Cantatas Mailing List.

Early Music Chicago
A collection of mostly 64 kbps soundtracks and clips by a variety of groups.

Kirill Korsunenko pianist
A small collection of 64 kbps mp3s from this pianist.

Classical Music Online
A Russian site with about 100 fragments.

Sasha Boldachev harpist
A child prodigy who plays the harp: 64 kbps mp3s.

Muslim Magomaev
A Russian bariton with over 100 mp3s of classical, russian and azeri songs. Baudrate: 56kbps.

Classical Music mp3 page
A dutch link page with links to many classical mp3 sites. The most extensive of its kind on the internet.

Alexander Street Promo of the week
This publisher publishes one promo track a week (they skip some weeks). When a new track is published the old one is removed so there is always only one available.
An Italian site with quite some music to download. The music is packed as zip-files.

Singingfish Audio Video Search
This is a quite good search engine for sound files. Go to the advanced search if you don't want real audio and wav or if you want to set a minimum length. In contrast to most other music search engines this one specializes in legal music. Small disadvantage: you can't provide more than one argument.

A classical music hosting site, where subscribers can download complete cd's. You can listen to demo tracks at 21kbps wma.

Claudio Colombo
An Italian pianist with many 24kbps mp3s. You can buy 192kbps versions of the same music.

Opus 100
A big collection of 32 kbps ram files, sorted by composer.

Royalty Free Music
A medium-size collection of royalty free music. A small part of it is Classical. Click on one of the collections at the top of the page to get started. 256 kbps mp3, but download may be a little slow.

Classical Singer
This site gives singers the possibility to have their own webpage. Some have a few mp3s.

Warning: this page is only in cyrillic (Russian), but if you move the mouse over the mp3 links you can get some idea what the music is about. About 200 classical mp3s at 32 kbps.
Do you want to know how a trombone sounds, or a skylark or a chain saw? Then this is the search engine to use.

The Red Ferret Journal
Under the slogan "1 Million Free & Legal Music Tracks!" this Wiki page lists many sites with free music. Not much classical though.

Steffen Fahl: klassik-resampled
A large collection of resampled music - mostly classical piano music. You can only play them. Download is impossible.

Free Samples and Sounds
A collection of sound samples that you may use in commercial and non-commercial projects - but not in advertisements.


3. Podcasts

Gardner Museum
Beethoven Fest
Deutsche Welle
WGBH Radio from Boston
Sao Paolo Symphony Radio from Boston


4. Historical records (1950s and before)
Music from the 1930s to 1950s has their copyright expired. So an increasing number of sites is appearing where rips from old recordings are posted. However, if you want to use it for commercial purposes you should watch two things:
1) You should check whether the copyright has expired in your country too - as not all countries have the same laws in this.
2) The site itself may put up restrictions. European Archive for example requires non-commercial use.

Liber Liber
This Italian site hosts classical music from which the copyrights have expired in Italy. Whether that also applies to your country you will have to check yourself.

The National Jukebox
Only streaming audio here. This is a collaboration project between the Library of Congres and Sony that at the moment offers some 10,000 recorings.

Damian's 78s
A collection by Damian Rogan.

Quartier des Archives
Both mp3's and flac's.

Ghost Capital
A consirable collection of old cd's. Overview is rather limited.

The International Historical Organ Recording Collection
This site is a blog. The downloads are posted below each post as .rar files.

A lot of historical recordings. Streaming or downloadable as FLAC.

The Virtual Grammophone
A collection of the Library and Archives of Canada wih Canadian artists and/or composers. 64 and 112 kbps.

American memory and Performing Arts Digital Library
The Library of Congress has an extensive collection of resources. But you need some time to find your way.

Sound archive of the British Library
The music on this site is streaming only.

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project
This is a collection of recordings from around 1900. Some classical - most not. Sound quality in those times was rather mediocre, but you can definitely hear that some of those performers were at the top.

78 Heaven
Historic vocal recordings in transfers with minimal processing. Streaming only.


5. Music with little or no copy rights
The websites below contain music that carries little or no copy right and may be suitable for inclusion in your projects. As copying is allowed many of these sites carry the same music. My advice is to find the source as only there you will find the notes on copy rights. Be aware that only a part of the music is really public domain. Most has just very liberal copy rights.

Wikipedia sound list
Wikipedia has quite a lot of music. The listing is a bit clumsy. It may be specially attractive for those looking for music with few or no copyright restrictions.

Free Music Archive
This site copies it's music from other sites where that is allowed. So usually you can find the same music elsewhere.

Gardner Museum
Podcasts from concerts at the museum. Typically 128kbps mp3s of about 30 mb: 30 minutes of music. Music available under the Noncommercial-no-derivative Creative Commons license.

Internet archive audio
The Audio Archive of the Internet Archive doesn't contain very much classical music at the moment.

Free public domain scores and recordings of music by many classical composers. Lately it is growing fast. File naming is still a bit chaotic.

ISMLP Performers
Although the ISMLP mainly hosts sheet music, it also has some sound files, mainly from Pandora Records. 6. Other
Here we have mainly links to those sites where it was difficult to determine the composer or performer.

Capital Public Radio
At Capital Public Radio has an interesting classical collection. Of special interest are the Friday Night at the Opera shows by Sean Bianco that contains complete opera's.

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