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Classical Music hosting links

Hosting is nowadays cheap. Even with the most basic hosting account you can host a couple of dozen mp3s with fear of extra costs. This page gives you some ideas for when you have special wishes. Many of the sites we show are free, but there are also some attractive commercial offerings.

1. Mp3 hosting sites
2. Other sites that offer mp3 hosting
3. Music enthousiasts
4. Public domain/Creative commons
5. Free diskspace sites
6. To finish one site with Links and tips

1. Mp3 hosting sites
These are sites that specialize in hosting music, like formerly

A medium size but fast growing music hosting site.

Mostly streaming. This is the place where you find many of the big orchestras. When one track is finished it automatically starts the next track, giving the listener a very similar effect as Youtube.

Jamendo Music
Jamendo’s mission is to offer the perfect platform for all independent artists wishing to share their creations as easily as possible, reaching new audiences internationally.

BeSonic Music Promotion Network: share your music, connect with artists, explore new content

Classical Connect
Specialized in classical music. Streaming only.

Offers extra (paid) services for artists who want to make a career of their music.

Offers extra (paid) services for artists who want to make a career of their music.

Helps independent artists selling their music.

Last FM
A website with customized radio channels. You tell what you like and you get similar music. It is a bit unclear whether they still offer hosting.

2. Other sites that offer mp3 hosting
These are newspapers, radiostations and other organisations that offer mp3 hosting as a side-line.

BBC One music unsigned
Another media company. Hosting your music here gives you a change to get played on BBC radio. They make a selection and post only what they consider the best. I haven't found any classical music here yet.

3. Music enthousiasts

Piano Society
The Piano Society Project was started in August 2004 and is a unique possibility for professional and amateur pianists to promote themselves by sharing their own recordings of classical music.

Lieder Sound Archive
Specializes in classical songs.

Early music network
Specializes in old music. Only members can host and listen to music.

Artist in Residence
Free webhosting for the arts and humanities. You can't host your mp3s here. But you might consider it for your PR website.

4. Public domain/Creative commons
There are numerous initiatives to copy the success of opensource software in the area of music. Until now without much success. Many of those sites are small, get few visitors and are shortliving. Below we list some of the bigger sites. If you are prepared to give the visitors the right to copy the music and give it to others you should consider this option.
The most popular license at the moment is the Creative Commons license. There are different versions of this license. Some give only the right to non-commercial copying, others require only that the name of the musicians is mentioned on the copies and yet others have no requirements at all.
The Internet Archive is well known for storing old versions of webpages. But they have also a music section where they offer to host your music.

Free Music Archive
The Free Music Archive offers free downloads under Creative Commons and other licenses. Unlike the other sites mentioned in this section this is a typical mp3 hosting site.

Wikipedia Commons
It is a recent trend that more and more music is added to Wikipedia. For big composers like Bach and Beethoven you can now find uploaded music.

The International Music Score Library Project is specialized in msuic sheets. But it has also quite a few mp3s and other soundfiles.

5. Free diskspace sites
Welcome to the Wild West. Many companies offer free diskspace. Usually they want some advertising on your site in return. The problem is that many of those sites are shortliving or are very slow. So try this at your own risk.
Freebie List
The Free Site

6. Links and tips
Below you will find some links to site with hosting tips and/or lists of hosting sites.

Music Biz Academy

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