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Classical midi and resampled links

Midi files are somewhere halfway between mp3's and music sheets. As a mechanical rendition of the music they are useful for learning to play a piece of music or just for recognizing it. The sound quality of midi files depends very much on the sampled instruments that are used. Some sound mechanical. Others are hard to distinguish from real recordings. It depends on their creator and what his or her goal is for the file. See also under soundfile links.
Another use of midi files is for seeing the score of the music. Professional musicians will have software for this. Amateurs will have to help themselves with a 30-day try-out copy of Sibelius or Noteworthy. There is also a free 16-bit version of Noteworthy, but you can't print from that.

The Classical Music Archives
The Classical Music Archives is the biggest site with nearly 20.000 classical midi files. However, you have to registrate before you can download. And unless you become a paid member for $25 you have a daily download limit of 5 files a day.

Kunst der Fuge
Despite the German name this is an English site with about 9000 midi files. Unless you become a paid member for $15 you have a daily download limit of 5 files a day.
MIDI files, and text files of their lyrics, created by Benjamin Robert Tubb based on original sheet music sources. Only American composers.

The Silvis Woodshed
A collection of midi's for classical songs. The purpose of this library is to help singers with their exercise at home.

Midi Orgue
A french site (in the french language) with midi files of organ music.

Espace Midi
A bilangual site (french/english).

Classical Musical midi page
You need to download their special midi-player. Then you will see the text of the song pass by while the midi track is played.

Ram�n Pajares Box's Classical Music Files
A huge collection of classical music in midi, nwc and (occasionally) mp3 format.

Botproductions midi collection
Complete midi's of Handel's Messiah, Vivaldi's Gloria, Orff's Carmina Burana and a collection of songs.

The George Pollen Midi Collection
A collection of midi sequenced with NoteWorthy Composer.

Tahiro's midi house
A Japanese site. See the menu on the left.

Classical Midi with words
You need to download their special midi-player. Then you will see the text of the song pass by while the midi track is played.

Classical Music MIDI Page
The Classical Music MIDI Page currently comprises 666 MIDI files by 19 classical composers. This site is made possible by the generous contributions of 61 sequencers from around the word.

Classical Midi Resource
Most of the midi's are in the archives. Much modern music.

Internet Renaissance Band
Midi files of works from composers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance period (about 1400-1600).

Midi World Classic
The classic department of a general midi collection. The main composers have separate pages.

Maya's Midi
A midi site with some early music. Combined with Brasilian music midi's.

The Thompsonian midi collection
A site by Bill Thompson.

Classical guitar midi file
Sequenced by Elixer. A Japanese site, but not difficult to navigate.

Classical Music Midi Page
Midi files for some 15 famous composers collected by Michael Anton Sciortino.

This is a french piano site that offers (from the homepage) machine translation for english speakers. But they have a lot of choice.

ArtMusic midi archiv
Bach, Beethoven, Brahms,Chopin, Debussy, Dvorak, Fauré, Haydn, Janacek, Schubert, Schumann, Skrjabin.

Musici Frandri
A big page with a lot of midi files from early flamish compositions.

Classical Piano Midi Page
Besides midi files they offer also some mp3s made with those midi files.

Academy of digital music
This company sells cd's with classical midi files. They have a couple on their website.

MIDI Files of Classical and Recorder Music

Music for Pianos
Midi files sequenced by Eric Halstead.
A general midi site: so to see no classics.

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