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Classical news and blogs

News and blogs tend to be related in our present time. So you will find them together on this page.
1. News
2. Blogs

1. News
Some of the main classical portals offer news too, but here we focus onmainstream newsmedia with their own classical page.

Classical music news from America's public radio.

New York Times
The classical music page of the best newspaper in the world.

BBC Music Magazine
The news page of this famous classical music magazine.

The classical news page of this famous music magazine.

Opera Today
The news page of Opera Magazine.

2. Blogs
There are hundreds of classical music blogs. Here a few to get started...

Kenneth Woods - A view from the Podium
A blog by conductor Kenneth Woods. With many videos.

Kyle Gann on Music After the Fact...

Interchanging Idioms
Thought about the world of classical music. By Chip Michael.

The Classical Beat
Anne Midgette takes the measure of the classical music scene. From the Washington Post - so somewhat Washington centered.

The Rest is Noise
Articles, a blog, and a book-in-progress by the music critic of The New Yorker

Oboe Insight
The oboe site of Patricia Emerson Mitchell.

Iron Tongue of Midnight
A blog by Lisa Hirsch.

Musical perceptions
From DePauw University School of Music.

Jessica Duchen's classical music blog
Music and writing in London, UK

Critica de Classica and Conversas com genios
Two Portuguese language blogs by the same author.

On an overgrown path
Give us something new, indeed for Heaven's sake give us rather the bad, and let us feel we are still alive, instead of constantly going around in deedless admiration for the conventional.

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